The automated noodle making machine is ”Menderu”. You can make noodles quickly and don't loss flavor.
You can make 100% buckwheat noodles.

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# Our company was established in 1974. Our business is designing and producing specialized machine tools[automation machines, laborsaving machines]. Fortunately, we have kept the business running until now. We thank our customers because our business is the result of the supports of our many customers. In 1989, we developed automated noodle making machines ”Menderu” and started to sell them. After that, We have improved them for 20 years by discussing the quality of the noodles with customers and exercising our ingenuity in making noodles. We have sold more than 550 automated noodle making machines ”Menderu” and we think we can provide the machine with confidence. In Japan, instant noodles was released to the world. Noodles is likely the food culture for us Japanese. We will run the “Menderu” business together to the best of our ability to make our automated noodle making machine ”Menderu” valuing the traditional Japanese taste and also contributing to improve the noodle culture.

Minoru Kamioka
President and CEO
■Corporate Profile
Name MENDEL Co.,Ltd.
Location 386-34 Higashibetsu,Ohta-shi,Gunma,Japan 373-0815
Telephone 81-276-30-0151
Fax 81-276-30-0152
Representative Minoru Kamioka
Established July 24, 1974
Capitalization 10,000,000 yen
Line of business
  • Manufacturing, development and sales of the automated noodle-making machine "Mendel".
  • Design and manufacturing of a special purpose machine with laborsaving and automation.
  • Managing test store of MENDEL
Location 2-10-1 Ooizumimachi,Oura-gun,Gunma,Japan 370-0532
Telephone 0276-61-0868
FAX 0276-62-8571
■Test Store
Location 86-1 Higashiyajima-cho,Ohta-shi,Gunma,Japan 373-0816
Telephone 81-276-38-1192
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