The automated noodle making machine is ”Menderu”. You can make noodles quickly and don't loss flavor.
You can make 100% buckwheat noodles.

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The automated noodle making machine M200-3.5
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We started to sell ”Mendel” in 1990, and went into 20th year. We have sold about 550 machines in Japan and about 45 machines overseas.
The 80 percent of them are used for buckwheat noodles, 10 percent of them are used for wheat noodles, the rest 10% of them are used for ramen.
Of course, from Hokkaido to Kyusyu, we have delivered the machines, so they are working around you where you have not expected. But you don’t see the machines so you can’t notice the machines.
Some companies project “Mendel” to offer the application for franchise chain member of high-profile wheat noodle buffet.
The Japanese style pub chain which is listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange makes 5000 packs of noodles per one day using Two “Mendel” MY600-25.
And the company in Nagano prefecture makes many half-cooked buckwheat noodles for souvenir using M1500-50. In the high end Chinese restaurant in Tokyo, they make the noodle for ramen and pan fried noodle with MY600-25.

At “Shoku no Meitengai” on the third floor of the hot place to visit in Tokyo “Odaiba”, we make a contribution to make the most delicious wheat noodles.
We think it’s worth eating. You can eat same noodles in Hukuoka and Kokura in Kyusyu.

You can see running "Menderu" machines at the following places.
  1."Dangozaka service area" of Chuo Expressway downline. (M300-25N)
  2."Futaba service area"Chuo Expressway upline. UD12-180(M300-25N)
  3."Yokohama Bay Bridge service area" of Metropolitan Expressway. (M300-25)
  4.Jusco store(Komaoka) food court in Yokohama.(M450-25)
  5.Seiyu store(Higashi Matsuyama ) food court in Saitema(M450-25)
  6."Yudetaro store(Tsukiji) in Tukiji. (M200-3.5)

Now belongs to”Menderu”.
“Mendel” are working here and there with little awareness.

★In November 2006, we opened the showroom ”Mendel”.
We provide delicious wheat noodles and buckwheat noodles.

※From June 2007, we provide Soumen.

We accept the application for our franchise chain member. Please visit our showroom.

We take on new challenges every day. We make the automated noodle making machine more powerful.
Now, it can make 100% buckwheat noodles.
We made the world first automated noodle making machine which can make 100% buckwheat noodles.

* In 2010, we release the new automated noodle making machine MY1000-50 which can make 1000 packs of noodles per one hour.
We will release the more improved models. Don’t miss it.

Daily new information is updated on the “Mendel” blog. Please visit it.